Life After Weight Loss: Why I Still Feel Like A Fat Girl In A Skinny Girl’s Body

Thought Catalog

I just looked down at my stomach and scoffed. There is a gigantic mirror in my room and I am avoiding eye contact at all costs. I just had a great meal with lots of veggies and some amazing creamy garlic sauce and the first words out of my mouth after I finished was about how fat I felt. This was followed by an insane sense of panic and I was immediately overwhelmed with the amount of days I let pass since I went to the gym.

My battle with weight has been a long and treacherous one and unfortunately, my self esteem and confidence were casualties. I lost the weight and noticed all the pleasant looks I got from men and all the great compliments (?) I got from family and friends like ‘oh wow, you look so much thinner now, good for you’ or ‘you used to be…

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