light me up like venus

beautiful song


the heart wants what it wants
red lights were flashing down to the darkest corners of this street
orange flames were searing and crackling to my heartbeat
and you were blowing up my phone to make sure i was okay
but the sirens were blaring all around my head

i was caught standing here at this corner
smoke burning lungs and both feet anchored
instead i should have been walking
i should have been running out the door
i could hear a window breaking
glass shattering to the floor
i could feel their footsteps climbing
their fists banging on the door

here in this room, there was no one around
and from my lips, there came no sound
because this heat burns less than our last conversation
maybe i could make it out alive but what’s alive if you aren’t waiting
you were leaving.

you were leaving and i was left.

and i don’t want…

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