2 arrested for public sex act

Two arrested for public sex act

KEY WEST — Two men engaging in a sex act on Du Pont Lane in Old Town were arrested Friday night, according to a police incident report.

Both men — ages 54 and 37 — face charges of misdemeanor indecent exposure. Both live in Key West, according to reports.

An officer was flagged down at 7:24 p.m. by an off-duty law enforcement officer from Pennsylvania who told him to “look down Du Pont Lane, as there was ‘something going on,'” according to reports.

The officer saw one of the men performing oral sex on the other under a street light. Both men were detained and taken to Duval Street, where witnesses were located, reports state.

The off-duty Pennsylvania officer emailed the Key West officer a video of the two suspects who appeared to be “aware they were being videotaped, as the two were smiling at the camera,” reports state.

They were taken to Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island.

Du Pont Lane is small road between the 800 block of Duval Street and the 700 block Simonton Street.

my thoughts on this story are these 2 must be crazy to have done something like this since one guys like 54 years old while the other is 37 way too big of a age gap to be doing this thing they got going on also that they need to either grow up and realize what they did was super nasty and wrong or be locked up till they realize what they did was wrong once again just my opinion if you dont agree thats your opinon i dont judge 🙂 thanks for reading:)


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