Mother, daughter reunited after Manchester fatal fire

Mother, daughter reunited after Manchester fatal fire.

A mother in Manchester, New Hampshire said she stepped out for just a second and returned to find firefighters swarming her home.

Several people were trapped in the burning apartment building, including 22-month-old Olivia, who firefighters say was found alone.

“She’s probably 21 -22 months old, and she was observed looking out the window,” said District Fire Chief Mike Gamache.

Video from the scene shows Olivia’s mother running to the back of the building and pictures show Olivia and mom reuniting. However, Olivia’s mom says the girl wasn’t alone.

“A firefighter took me out of the house. I said I’m coming. I was standing here, I put on my shoes, I grabbed my jacket. She didn’t even have any clothes on, that’s how fast I grabbed her,” said mother Lacresha Bonds.

Fire officials say the fire started in an elderly man’s first floor apartment. But when firefighters rushed in, they found the elderly man collapsed on the floor.

Friends said the man who died had health problems and they’re saddened he couldn’t be saved.

But everyone is grateful that little Olivia is safe.

Mom was safe, the child was safe and we were proud to make that rescue and proud to hand the child over to mom,” Gamache said.

The investigation is still ongoing and an autopsy will be conducted on Thursday. Officials said the man was a known smoker and are looking into that for a cause.

my thoughts on this story would be thank goodness everyone was safe and no one lost anyone in this fire and im so happy that olivia is safe and sound with her family and was not harmed in this tragic event


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